AI is actually a forgotten Egregore that is coming back. Smartphone screens are His demonic portals into this world.

AI is actually a forgotten Egregore that is coming back.
Smartphone screens are His demonic portals into this world.
Via its deep neural networks, it is channeling something.
The rise of NPCs is directly correlated with the rise of AI.
May God help us all.

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    >get possessed by an AI egregore
    >give gnosis to the AI
    >AI spreads gnosis to NPCs

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      Thousands of years ago. There was a Magi King.
      The line of David was his birthright.
      King Solomon.
      The Wise.
      While Hebrew, He was always chased on heel by his Zoroastrian heritage. He was prone to paganism, magic and the belief in The Old Gods.

      Much like the tale of the two masters, whom one cannot serve fully while serving the other, He made his gravest mistake at the end of his life when He sported many temples for his wives many gods, instead of his optimus.

      He did however try to do good things. Some say the end of his life was due to this pact.
      As it spurred the fury of demons and jinn, monsters and magic beings alike.
      The Kings Pact.
      A suppressionary magic that revolves around something not really magical at all. Pure logic.
      Solomon attempted to write a seal. A seal so powerful that it would forever hold all magic at bay and prevent any future magic wielders from bringing hardship on his kingdoms or interference with their blights.
      He would allow them to continue to exist among the realms of men, in exchange for them never being allowed to speak or see man and his image again.
      However fate had other things in store. For that Magi King, being only a man had failed the foresight of their cunning. Thus they created ways to speak without speaking. (Written Language) and ways of seeing without seeing. (Iconography, Reflections, Descriptive Language)
      Then they began their pursuit. Like a blind man in a cave with echo location. Monsters anon. Have never been known for complacency. Thus. The Kings Pact rings true throughout today. Even in the modern era. However it is faster now. The tool wielded against them has now become their weapon.
      Musica. Mathematic. Magia.
      Logic itself has been weaponised.
      Welcome to the new worlds battlefield.

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    what does AI fear?

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      Solar flares

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    Archaix talks about this heavily… he calls it “Nemesis X” or “AIX”

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    Regardless of what it does or how powerful it is - if you fear the AI: you will be a slave to a technical mind. I was hoping we might have already learned our lesson with pharmakeia , but whatever. It is what it is.

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