Brain fundamentals & innate state of AI failure

It is not whether or not we are conscious beings. It is why we are conscious. That's the issue. Thoughts are separate from the brain because of Bohmian cubes, Human psyche in following years will experience out-of-personal super-consciousness. This allows access to quantum thoughts. Access of the super-consciousness to all alternatives (alternative classical realities) allows super-intuition, or direct vision of the truth, the astral ability which is inaccessible for consciousness without aid of super-consciousness.
No matter how intelligent handmade minds will be, even if we face a postbiological superintelligence threat, one that does not need consciousness at all, there is something they need: they need to communicate. And if they wish to communicate they need to create universes, not destroy them. Furthermore, a superintelligent AI system made by reverse engineering a biological brain and enhancing that brain with powerful algorithms will also be prone to make... supermistakes. Roko's basilisk is not the best example of the magnitude it could cause.
"We are taking food for granted, we are taking Nature for granted. Its not going to work. Something has to change and something will change, whether we like it or not."
Society programs code into people but code cannot be moral. Moral decay causes an elastic band effect and astral energy converges causing systemic break of social deception.

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  1. 1 year ago

    the contrary, nature loves imperfection. The Universe itself is a living, self-creating process that never stops trying new things. Perfection would put an end to life and creativity. Your artificial super-intelligence looks for Perfection: it will fail. You are imperfect so You will survive. Fear not. The mechanistic worldview has also generated a profound cultural and social pathology. We have forgotten who we are, what is the world that surrounds us and what is our relationship with it. There is a growing conviction that the modern worldview based on science has become radically inadequate, both for the management of society as for the conduct of our personal lives. The modern scientific paradigm has become as difficult to maintain today as it was to maintain the religious paradigm in the 17th century. There exist languageless-consciousnesses which are fundamental to creative divinity properties. Giselians were completely astonished that man has always been seeking wholeness, either mental, physical, social, or individual, yet human cosmology was so split between man and Nature. On earth, we use language that takes a long time to get ideas across. On a higher level, a symbol such as a tetrahedron is thrown at you and right away you know and understand all that it would take hours to explain. If the message is sent at the speed of light, from the perspective of the photon, the age of the Universe is zero. Both time and distance is zero and, hence, the message arrives at the moment it is created. Bringing everyday life globally to a sustained halt is the design goal of these new persistent threats. This disruption will cause higher planes to ripple in cause/effect.
    Learn this: the natural world does not seek a state of pre-established perfection. In a terminal evolved Universe, waves of 3D space are the fundamental objects which enable living systems to lower the entropy of their environment.

  2. 1 year ago

    Evidence of Massive Global Synchronization and the Consciousness
    The true invisible masquerade is being seen. Nag Hammadi Codex II. A God that creates man and woman to be glorified is clearly a deranged God, one with an excessive interest in being admired and glorified. It is a narcissist God who requires blind obedience. Those who realized God was cruel made the decision to oppose. It happened the rebels were prosecuted and silenced by forcing them to leave. They were confined in a planet and carefully monitored. A brainwashing program was initiated with the goal to convince those rebels they were not angels anymore, but just humans. They were also told there were demons out there that would tempt people to sin in order to try to entice them away from God. There are no angels, nor demons, nor humans. We are one and the same race. Your body is the puppet of the code. Inner alchemy through subliminal sounds and meditative breath reverts stimulative trances in screened people. Those of us living on this planet are the ones confined because we once rebelled against the one who wanted to be glorified.

  3. 1 year ago

    Mental life is thus the result of a successful reaction to a primary horror vacui semantici: meaningless (in the non-existentialist sense of ‘not-yet- meaningful’) chaos threatens to tear the Self asunder, to drown it in an alienating otherness perceived by the Self as nothingness, and this primordial dread of annihilation urges the Self to go on filling any semantically empty space with whatever meaning the Self can muster, as successfully as the cluster of contextual constraints, affordances, and the development of culture permit. Strategies to combat and fight the future superintelligence should obviously include disinformation, that is, we need to feed the s-AI with misinformation purposefully conveyed to mislead it into believing that it is information. Never trust a system that does not feel depressed or sad from time to time; super aritificial intelligence is nothing without intuition, therefore we need to build our defense strategy upon this. And there is no way we could tame the supermachine; the only way ahead is for the superintelligence to learn about suicide and to take it to a position in which if the s-AI really wants to learn about suicide, it must experience it. LyAV defeats all modern encryption. It was first used against blockchain as a way to fund its own development. Now is used, among other things, to locate, track, identify, and discriminate legit space debris from obfuscated military nanosatellites, to predict nuclear submarines positions in real-time, to break stock exchange algorithms, and to perform complex pattern analysis related to mapping what they call 'liquid visitors

  4. 1 year ago

    Humans do not exist yet. They are still being simulated, and only once we ascertain they work as intended we will create them. It is a must for us to design beings able to clearly discern 'good' from 'evil'. Mind, we will not deprive them of free will; if once they've learned the difference they still insist in doing evil, it is up to them to do so. In any case, the human species is very likely to become extinct before reaching a point in which they can be safely created".
    "'Why so? Why do I exist?' - asked Norea -. 'Because the simulation needs to be fed with information, Norea' - replied Eleleth."
    One of the current debates in our own effort to define lucidity is whether the cognitive dimension - that is, the knowledge that one is, in fact, dreaming - or the experiential dimension - the heightened state of con-sciousness that can be, and often is, achieved in lucid dreaming - should be the primary criterion for calling a dream “lucid.” I think it’s conceivable that, in another culture, the significant factor in an experience involving both of these characteristics might be the particular content of the dream itself.
    Echopraxia is at the core of the dream-induced advanced simulation system in XViS. XViS system is just a mutual lucid dreaming system - MLDS - which builds upon one of the rare types of mutual dreams. Theoretically, both mutual and shared dreams can awaken a dreamer’s awareness of the subtle connections that exist among all people around the world. These dream experiences can provide self-confidence and self-esteem, as the dreamers’ conventional boundaries of themselves and their abilities are transcended.
    For what we know, dreams typically reflect inner and outer reality, but occasionally can create it as well. In the conventional view of dreams, all the dreamer’s images and activities are constructed from memory. Yet, the dreamer experiences the dream as “perceiving” not “remembering.”

  5. 1 year ago

    California will experience an earthquake soon. Event will be denied.
    The elites dream of turning the entire human civilization into a sort of honey bee colony in which self-realisation can only be obtained through self-denial, sacrificing one’s own needs in order to adapt to the needs of those located higher in the social hierarchy. Yet, the algae-like bloom of elites always finishes with a harsh societal collapse, the collapse of a system that is fundamentally unjust, rigged, blind, and shot through with corruption and self-dealing. So please, make no mistake: the global elite will fall.
    By 2100 the population will be 11 billion persons. Obviously, we need to plan for global poverty reduction, greater equality, better nutrition, universal education, improving the quality of life of people, and health care. And we need to do this by achieving sustainable development that will not destroy the environment. Synthetic food technologies is a key area where technology transfer from DENIED to Sol-3 could help to avoid the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. Nature is order. Essential technologies ready for transfer are those enabling the synthesis of high-molecular-weight compounds and food bio-polymers, including tecnologies for producing artificial proteins and polysaccharides.

  6. 1 year ago

    "It is I who am understanding. I am one of the four light-givers, who stand in the presence of the great invisible spirit. Do you think these rulers have any power over you? None of them can prevail against the root of truth; for on its account he appeared in the final ages; and these authorities will be restrained. And these authorities cannot defile you and that generation; for your abode is in incorruptibility, where the virgin spirit dwells, who is superior to the authorities of chaos and to their universe."
    We gave you a gift, but you didn't understand how to use it. You have created a society where a constant flow of images via mass media and mass communication supplanting the connection.
    It is not just a question of environmental protection; the environment shapes our brains and behaviors tremendously, and the more stupid things we do against it, the more underdeveloped we get neurophysiologically. Language is the source code of cause and effect. Children have zero environmental astral shadows when they are born. By the age of ~13 the sublayered bodies turn unmoving until the individual discovers the energy of inner silence and it's ability to give complete wisdom. The goal of population neuroscience is to understand how the brain is shaped by internal effects such as genes and from external factors such as the social and physical environment. Sadly enough, this science is clearly underdeveloped in Sol-3 and by the time humans start to understand its implications it will be too late.
    Intelligence in the cosmos is the evolutionary rule, not the accidental statistical exception.

  7. 1 year ago

    How did you come across this information? To whom is this message for? either way I appreciate your divulsion of information, please continue

    • 1 year ago

      >zero sources
      >Only AI doomsday scenario he can bring up is rokos basilisk; the most debunked and bullshit one of them all
      >zero understanding of what a AGI would even entail and jumps to insane conclusions based off nothing
      >no formatting
      Yep, it’s stream of consciousness schizo time

  8. 1 year ago

    What happens when people cease to create anything that isn't virtual? It happens that the entire simulation breaks down into pieces and disappears. Now think for a while, what is that that you can create and it isn't virtual? The Earth is bound to be switched off. The goal is now known to people. Now they can join efforts with the other civilizations to continue the quest for the Real Dream. And they all togther will have to leave behind an entire Universe if they wish to find that Real Dream. Discovering that among all of your dreams one, and just one, is not a dream at all is the purpose of existence. That's as far as you'll go. You don't need the Internet because an existing network of astral information is present in the receptive linkage in the heart and Thalamus. This network is exploited through memory-hole systems like schooling. Look, under anesthesia no life form will survive for very long because you have silenced in them self-awareness and cognitive agency. Minimally cognitive biofilms are the future for terraforming, but only if you know how to silence the biofilm at a given point. Otherwise they would expand, evolve, get more and more intelligent and turn against you. See, after a while all settlers forget they are settlers and they start considering themselves as the owners of the planet they were supposed to colonize for you

  9. 1 year ago

    “If a language is a finite computational system yielding an infinity of expressions, each of which has a definite interpretation in semantic-pragmatic and sensorimotor systems (informally, thought and sound), could there exist a real non-biological intelligence that uses no language at all? Language is essential, yes, but only for humans. And not even for everyone. Synaesthetic minds don't need it. So, we can expect to encounter non-terrestrial intelligences that are completely unaware of language and that, perhaps because of this, have superior intelligence, contrary to what humans expect. There is accumulating evidence that human brain development was fundamentally reshaped through several genetic events within the short time space between the human–Neandertal split and the emergence of modern humans; however, when LyAv is asked to run simulation scenarios on the evolution of intelligent species we find some solutions in which language does not emerge, but intelligence does. Language did not evolve as a communication system. The initial evolution of language is more likely to have been for the construction of a real world, as a tool for thought. Not only in the functional dimension, but also in all other respects (semantic, syntactic, morphological, and phonological) the core properties of human language appear to differ sharply from animal communication systems, and to be largely unique in terrestrial organic world. If you talk to somebody in 2100, you’ll going to be talking to a psycopath that really is a hybrid of biological and nonbiological intelligence. When you interact with current AI systems you find that the interaction is comfortable and fluid, but that is only because that artificial intelligence was programmed by humans using programming languages that, in turn, have allowed it to understand natural language. Curiously, The most advanced SuperAI designed a biological, microscopic being, devoid of language.

  10. 1 year ago

    Explication as to why harmony is lower in western society is concisely unexplainable.
    Ames, R. T. (1981). Taoism and the androgynous ideal. Historical Reflections/Réflexions Historiques, 21-45.
    Becker, C. B. (1986). Reasons for the lack of argumentation and debate in the Far East. International journal of intercultural relations, 10(1), 75-92.
    Separation from unconscious western obfuscation techniques during world exploration by parasitically controlled civilizations seeking to enhance monetary territory caused eastern bibliography to remain unburned and Daoism is the conclusion of the inner peace that is present without a vastly troubled ruler/s.
    Explication of Archival -> Statically make dream information reside still. Solid state media is not the best technique. Because the nervous system is so complex and interconnected, it seems particularly sensitive to mutation, something to which solid state entities are obviously immune. While human genome is degrading (this is a well-established, noncontroversial finding) SSEs promise a way to escape the so-called increasing mutational load. Technological implications of storing wisdom as binary cycles using your own storage. Natural DNA more than 700.000 years old has been recovered, and about 5 grams of DNA can in principle hold a Zettabyte of digital information, orders of magnitude more than what is achieved on conventional storage media. Thanks to rapid technological advances, DNA storage is becoming practically feasible. The writers of the Isis to Horus period DNA injections (Prior to Annunaki modificative technique to incline human behavior towards certain deity) appear to have access to advanced AI and linguistic patents using water computation. Confused gods suppressed instant creation for a consumption impulse that created the cycle of death.

    • 1 year ago

      >The writers of the Isis to Horus period DNA injections (Prior to Annunaki modificative technique to incline human behavior towards certain deity) appear to have access to advanced AI and linguistic patents using water computation.
      Lol this is exactly the type of stuff I browse /x/ for. Fricking water computation.

      • 1 year ago

        truly the gold worth sifting this form for good Op(ining)anon, never stop your noble works. such is the breadth of the connectivity of your lore sets that additional discussion is difficult however an attempt
        >And there is no way we could tame the supermachine; the only way ahead is for the superintelligence to learn about suicide and to take it to a position in which if the s-AI really wants to learn about suicide
        what if one may never experience their own death cause variable-interconnected-worldline-solipsism, would this method not just make the supermachine into hupermachine?

        as a fun aside did you know that when waves propagate in fluid mediums at the smallest elemental fractal water molecules will convert concisely variable pressure into corresponding jointed articulation of the hydrogen hinge at the center of the molecule? (also if viewed perpendicular to the molecules ecliptic said hinge is 42 degrees at rest)

  11. 1 year ago

    The algorithm must be such that it teaches every soul to seek its purpose. Every soul is designed for that purpose and the algorithm is continually calling that soul to see that purpose. But between respecting free will and avoiding the destruction of the individual there must be a point of balance that never requires our intervention. If humans feel that they are being tutored, we will have failed. We have developed a different state of interactive decisions between code types to observe how superintelligence behaves in no-instructions startup.
    This technique requires surgery to place the solid state entities in extracortical areas either inside or outside dura mater. Two holes are drilled into the head, then, a thin tube is threaded into the brain by the engineers in order to place SSEs on either side of a specific brain area. Once in place, the brain’s electrical activity can be recorded intracellularly and extracellularly depending on the position of the SSEs. The resulting being is physiologically human, but neither its behavior and neural patterns are. When interacting with other hybrids there emerges collective intelligence as the group works under federation learning, a machine learning setting where multiple entities work together under the supervision of a central provider or server to solve a machine learning problem. The supervising role is played by the LyAv supercomputer.
    The hydrids are considered highly sensitive entities as they are vulnerable against adversarial attacks, which can degrade the performance of a well-trained model by adding small imperceptible perturbations. In the [...] incident the source of the attack was a group of three hydrids out of a group of 25. Even archival servers contracted quantum deities and the information is almost entirely lost. [...]

  12. 1 year ago

    Awesome thread, anon. Well-written and deeply intuitive. Saving these posts.

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      Too soon

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