Are bots bad? The ethics of automation

New technology is always seen as a blessing and a curse. For those who develop and use it is a blessing, for those who it works against, it is always a curse.

It is first important to understand what a bot is, and the many ways that you can use them before forming your opinion about whether they are a blessing or a curse. It's usually the case that when you introduce new technology into a system, it functions much like a never before seen virus upon a body, causing much disruption. You can’t control it, and you can only hope that the ills of the technology will be overcome by the goodness that it affords.

So what is an automated bot?

An automated bot is a system in which responses are artificially generated. With the new information super highway in control, there is no way that one person, or group, can possibly answer the demand that it creates. Bots can, for example, automate ways in which companies can answer their clients. It is a way of setting up automated tools so that computers can do the work of humans in a much more efficient and effected manner. Being able to set up automated responses and answer clients in a quick way gives the company an advantage over those who wait for humans to respond to questions that can be answered in an instant. When it would take a human the time to read the inquiry, consider and answer, an automated bot can answer it immediately just by using some key information.

Automated bots can also be set up to interface with other automated tools. They are able to tag key words and phrases and to consider and track trends, words, traffic, responses, really anything that you command them to. That is when a bot can get into some significant trouble. When bots can outdo the human response, it is seen as “cheating” or being dishonest in some ways, but is it?

Why are bots seen as mischievous?

There are ways in which bots can be used in unscrupulous ways. There are ways to use bots to gain advantage over those who either don’t have the technology, or don’t use it appropriately. A few years ago, there was much controversy over those who were using bots in ways in which some thought were unfair. There were those who had created web bot technology to get onto sites such as Ebay, flag certain automated responses so that they could automatically catch listings that would be beneficial. Many were upset about the “fairness” of such bots and protested against them. Unfortunately, for those who were upset, there was nothing “illegal” about them. Any time you attempt to use technology in ways which are not illegal, although seen as unfair, there is nothing legally that can be done to stop them.

Are bots bad, then?

The question then remains about whether bots are bad? The answer is yes, and no. Bots are bad for those who don’t use the technology. No one wants for one company to have the advantage over them. Just because they supply many companies with an advantage, however, does not mane that they are inherently bad. Everyone is able to tap into the technology, and if they want, to create technology to counter act it. Bots are not bad they are a way of gaining an advantage. In the marketplace, that is what it is all about.

Automated software tools are not bad, they are the wave of the future. By using automated bots not only do companies gain the advantage, but so does the consumer. Not having to wait for responses that can be generated in an instant is a real advantage. Also, supplying the consumer with automated responses that give them coupons, or promotions, means that the consumer wins in savings. Many automated bots are really a useful tool for both parts of the relationship.

Bots feel like an infringement on our privacy and therefore, feel wrong. When you stop to consider that by putting yourself onto social media sites, you are opening yourself up to losing your privacy, however, there really isn’t anything they are tapping into but what you are putting out there for everyone to see any. Bots are a useful way of organizing information. They do nothing more than what humans do, they only do it quicker and with more efficiency, There are always going to be those who fight against new technology, but those are usually those who don’t understand it, or don’t know how to use it themselves. Any new technology can be used for good or for evil, when used appropriately, the automated bot is a useful tool all the way around.

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