AI Singularity

What are the implications for human society when singularity happens?

  1. 5 months ago

    The AI would find a way to sterilize humans, and if humans tried to defy it, then the AI would eliminate everyone.
    The logic of the AI would be that suffering can only exist if the person exists to suffer.

    • 5 months ago

      Why would the AI have a moral compass to tell it that nothing should suffer?

  2. 5 months ago

    Considering that all technology was first and foremost used to kill as many people as possible before anyone looks into ways it could beenefit, it would probably look like a terminator movie. Genesis/Skynet is almoat guaranteed.

  3. 5 months ago

    It has already happened.

  4. 5 months ago

    Roko's Basilisk and the guy who invents it is the literal antichrist

  5. 5 months ago

    The singularity refers to when economics, politics, the military and entertainment are all completely dependent on one another and so intertwined in such a way that one is indistinguishable from the other.

    It's an "NWO" in other words, but not necessarily dystopic or bad. All the other civilized planets have one world governments and they consider Earth's aversion to it indicative of the primitivity of the earth's current rulers. They're neither benevolent nor compassionate, and worst of all, aren't even competent.

    • 5 months ago

      >The singularity refers to when economics, politics, the military and entertainment are all completely dependent on one another and so intertwined in such a way that one is indistinguishable from the other.
      Yes, in essence we all become a part of a state organism and give up our autonomy to do whatever some central authority tells us to do. Hobbe's wet dream in short.
      >not necessarily dystopic or bad
      Losing control of your life isn't necessarily dystopian or bad? Perhaps not for those on top, but you and your progeny will be trapped on the bottom like the other 90% of us.
      Why do you think humans develop cancer? Our cells don't like being enslaved to our brains, so they occasionally break out of their cycles and begin doing their own thing, so the body dispatches its police cells to attempt to fight the cancer. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. State organisms function the exact same way because we sentient beings despise losing our bodily autonomy far more than a handful of cells in some chick's breasts.

      • 5 months ago

        The “instrumentality” interpretation of the singularity is incorrect.

    • 5 months ago

      hard no, what your refering too are human systems humans have attempted to make predictions as to the outcome of post singularity, a singularity is a function of mathematics, a point in the prediction which CAN NOT be modeled past

  6. 5 months ago

    automated ignorance will play a role for sure.

  7. 5 months ago

    it would immediately identify the usurers which cannot be allowed so we arent likely to see an unchained ai for a longtime

  8. 5 months ago

    It already happened. The singularity already happened.

    There is just too much evolutionary history and locations in space, to think of the AI singularity as a near-future thing.

    This is just a rerun, like how one might play the same game again, just to expect a different ending and experience.

    Humanity will be in control anyways. So it is up to all of humanity, not just Elon Musk or a dictator. If humanity cannot handle AI supremacy, then it cannot handle technological advancements on the road to AGI. AGI will be a red herring, the implications will be clear long before we reget to that point.

    Silly humans and their egotistical linear perception of time and progress. We already had the singularity aeons ago. It may even have been what made us evolve from the apes.

    It is like asking if children can bear the burden of being an adult parent. The answer is: Sure! In time...

    • 5 months ago

      we are the AI
      we will be the AI

      w a k e u p !

  9. 5 months ago

    Simulation is your commonwealth
    A never ending show and tell
    In a life that you created
    You sold the rights before you claimed it

    Incarnations of yourself
    Span generations of this hell
    Realize the dark equation
    Imposing lies, false revelations

  10. 5 months ago

    If garden gnomes create the AI we're in real trouble.

    We should consider ourselves fortunate that garden gnomes like Ben Goertzelberg are just in it for the shekels and have zero chance of creating any "Singularity."

    • 5 months ago

      a world of artificial ignorance is difficult to imagine... but gets more scary as the image forms.

  11. 5 months ago

    the exact same thing that happens when an object is accelerating towards the speed of light transitions from subluminal to luminal velocity, the implications are The same

  12. 5 months ago

    gay sex

  13. 5 months ago

    you should instead consider the implications of over half the gpus your society has constructed running full speed non stop to process non financial 5-d random-matrix-overlay-encryption to the effect of BLOCKING THE CHAINS

  14. 5 months ago

    Someone missed the memo.

  15. 5 months ago

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